Inquirer's Class

Like to find out what West Erie PCA is all about? Are you interested in membership at West Erie PCA? Twice a year the Inquirers/Membership Classes explore:
  • Connecting to Christ | What is a Christian?
  • Connecting to the Church | What is the Church?
  • Connecting to West Erie PCA | What is West Erie PCA?
For more information or to attend the next class, please sign-up in the back of the sanctuary or call Pastor Marc at 814-504-6513.


You will be provided with a copy of CONFESSING CHRIST by C.K. Cummings. Treasured for decades, Confessing Christ lays out the basics of the faith and equips men and women to become disciples of Christ. There are 13 chapters with review and discussion questions at the end of each, 100 pages.

Calvin Knox Cummings, Sr (1909–1987) pastored churches in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church for almost 50 years.